Kitchen Nightmares….

If you can get past the “F” word used over and over again on Gordon Ramsay’s reality TV series then I think you stand to learn a lot. This world renowned foodie essentially has been called in (with his team of consultants, decorators, business people and other foodies) to rescue a want to be good restaurant from complete ruin.

Without fail the kitchens are a health inspector’s nightmare, usually the experience and training of the staff is less then desirable and mostly frozen food is favoured over fresh ingredients. Juxtapose this with poor management, almost no cash flow, issues of pride, arrogance and pig-headedness and the TV series has all the right ingredients to draw a successful audience.

But what surprised me most was this was not just about food. Neither was it about makeovers and the fairytale story of chef makes good. It was about relationships, about communication that has become haggard and tense. It was about how to manage a small business and the crux was communication.

People have taken out huge loans to run a business when clearly they know little about food or nothing about business. You have to know about every aspect of the business, says Ramsay.

In many ways this business caper is a lot like marriage. We all rush into it, blinded by love, passion and a fantasy future, but few of us know all there is to know about our “core business”. Metaphorically speaking, many of us have resorted to serving up frozen food when really we always intended to feed our selves and those we love with fresh food. We are tired, stressed and have no time to work on the “business”, that is our marriage.

Last week, “A” and I started to run The Marriage Course from our home. We have three couples and we serve supper and facilitate the sessions via DVD and opening our home to these people.

The course is amazing and well worth a closer look….it teaches the art of communication, it examines the whole notion of forgiveness, conflict, sex, parents and in-laws and basically provides a couple with the tools and the scaffolding for running the business of marriage.

Most importantly it reminds us all that God is the centre of it all and marriage is, after all His idea.

Whether you are going to get married or have been married for 1,5 or 50 years it is never to late to learn the business.