There are moments when living out of the big city feels hard. We don’t have the choice and access to a life of culture and the arts, of shopping, people, diversity and food. But every now and again I am surprised. The local Performing Arts Centre works hard to bring a variety of theatre, music and dance to our humble stage. Last week we saw Tasdance’s performance, Identity. This notion of identity has plagued me for years, yes plagued and defined and at times threatened to undo me. So I relish the opportunity to see how other artists understand and play with the concept. This time it was via contemporary dance. Our number three was privileged to be a part of a junior workshop the evening before the performance and for me this was an insight into the ideas in the performance. It was brave and energetic and you felt the breath of the performers, their muscles aching and pushing forward.
There are so many ways to express your ideas. I do wonder some days how each one of our children will choose to make their mark – in the simple and ordinary or the challenging and extraordinary.