Beard Man

So this is not my man. And I am not sure I really like this example of a beard, but it is representative of the new wave of beards that seem to be everywhere. Sportsmen, celebrities, models – everything that the marketing people want to sell you is being held, watched, driven, eaten and drunk by Beard Man. Truly, take a look around.
No longer relegated to the Grandpa or hillbilly, Beard Man can be young, fit and famous. In my case he is my man. And I like his beard, kept short enough to add colour, a bit of texture and interest. When my man and I first met he had a beard – a longer one and quite gingery aka Viking Man. He determined that any woman that could see ‘through’ the beard to the real man was a keeper. Here I am, many, many years later. And decades on fashion has brought it back. What do you think? Do you like Beard Man?