Life goes well when the technology is humming. When I don’t have to think about what plug goes where and how the connection works. But when it stops, flickers and has a bad day so do I. What has modern life come to when my day grinds to a halt when I cannot communicate electronically, read my news, email and social media feed. This is a Western world problem. There is so much good out there in cyberspace, helping us learn, connect and expand beyond our wildest dreams. But so quickly the dream becomes dreary, burdensome, overwhelming. I don’t want to be a slave to technology, but it has got me. I use it. I think I love what I use.

But ultimately it is me that needs to be strong. To know what the boundaries need to be in regards to how I use and integrate technology into my world. Into my home and the 7mouths and minds and hearts that I nurture.

So be strong, my friend.