Festive Debris

We have been back and forth to the beach making ‘holiday’. Each time leaving a little more clutter and chaos. There is still remnants of Christmas lying around. A card, the odd stray oranament or a present and its package. It is time to move the festive debris. Have you completely packed up your Christmas decos? 

Easter is Coming

I found these little guys last week. They were just chilling in a store, waiting to be bought. It reminded me that Easter is coming, that in what seems to be a blink of an eye the major stores have gone from Christmas cheer to Easter extravaganza. The decorations, chocolates, gifts and cards are everywhere.

We have a family tradition of celebrating Christmas by preparing for the day with a series of Advent readings and fun candy induced activities with the children. We have had less success with establishing an Easter tradition. Some of you will have given up something for lent, or maybe you are doing something and paying it forward as a way of remembering the Easter story. I think we are still distracted by the year starting that I haven’t quite noticed that it is almost three months in.

How do you prepare for Easter with your family? Are you creating something special? Do you bake? Do you gather with your family and friends? Looking forward to hearing about your ideas.