Beer, Food and Music Art

Amazing music mural and my man.

I promise these blog posts won’t all be about food and beer but it is one of the things I am passionate about at home. So experiencing new food and wine and a whole range of outdoor eating options in in the North East of the US is exciting. My man brews his own beer, so being able to sample other local beers made her in Minneapolis is a treat. 

Daily Beer Selections.
Hand made Californian Nori Rolls with sauces….
And my little people love sushi rolls, so we will now we will be able to give these little Nori rolls a go. Confession. I watched rather dubiously as the pimple faced, beard growing dude took our lunch order and then proceeded to make our Nori Roll – an amazing roll. The sheet of nori is rolled with the rice on the outside and there are all number of tricks and tips to make sure it rolls well and doesn’t stick to your board or fall apart. It will definitely be on the menu when we get home.