Saying NO to learn


Focus focus. This could be me this week juggling family life and a surge of ‘work’. My work is a strange beast at the moment. I am a research student and I am exploring some areas of great interest to me- women, leadership, learning and thinking about living in a rural area. I am trying to pull together some new ideas about how living in a rural space impacts women’s identity, especially those who are working in leadership roles in education.

I am reading, writing, interviewing, transcribing, reflecting, reading again and yes, doing more writing. (I have another blog life here) I would love to know how you juggle your life  and its demands – family life, work and study. Whether you are doing an online course, research, some vocational training or professional learning I am interested to know how you create space in your schedule to do all that you have to  get done. Do you outsource household tasks? Do you rely on extended family to help with child care? Do you and your partner play tag with home duties? Are your children expected to do more?

Perhaps this question is even more important. What do you say no to, so that you can keep on learning? Tell me, please! xx

To PHD or not to PHD….?

Now I know there are quite a few of you out there who read this blog. I need your help.

Should I revamp my PHD and get it going again?

After withdrawing 2 1/2 years ago I find myself wanting to bring closure to my topic.

Representations of Asian Female Identity and Corporeality in Australia.

It could be a good discipline to read and write.

But it could be a waste of time too.

What should I do?