Do you fake it?

I have been having this debate with myself for sometime now. To buy real or replica? A recent article in Est magazine set me off on this discussion topic again. Earlier this year we moved bedrooms – yes my man and I took over the old guest room and sitting room and left the master bedroom and all 5 children upstairs. Maybe it was an act of faith that we might carve out time and space for ourselves. But every night we hear the pitter patter of small people coming to visit overnight. Anyway, this move prompted plush new carpet, a paint-over and the purchase of a replica Anna Castelli Componbili 3 Shelve unit. Initially, I had thought they would be great bedside tables – think stacks of books, clock, water, lamp and other kids paraphernalia. But alas it has been used in the bathroom as a hold all. Perfect.

But is it okay to buy replica? Are we doing the original designer a disservice? I was reminded of Megan Morton’s piece in her book Home Love – which I enjoyed reading cover to cover by the way. She argues against the replica. This article in Est does outline the obvious differences, which do seem obvious once you know what the real deal is like. Maybe we can never get away with the replica, fake version….ever. On a bigger budget I would buy real, but today I will settle for replica knowing that the world can tell I am faking it.

Est Est Est….

I know you have probably been reading this already. But today I discovered a gorgeous newish online magazine that is full of inspiration for house and home, body and soul. Est magazine which I found on a great little blog I follow- Bodie and Fou.  According to  Est this is what they are about:

Est offers its time poor & inspiration starved readers a new age glossy digital magazine.

Est is all about inspiration, giving readers a contemporary interactive resource and providing a platform to showcase the very best in the world of design.

Est is relaxed and stylish, is not self conscious and does not take itself too seriously.

Est loves the sun but appreciates the seasons.

Est loves looking to the past but also likes shiny and new – this is what gives Est an Australian twist.

I love the fact that it has an Australian twist. It features one of my favourite Australian chefs and food writers and some stunning chairs. Have I told you I love chairs? So much more to write about over the next few days. Don’t let me forget.