The Eye of the Sheep

In this season of life I find myself reading a lot. Sometimes a little a lot. However, it is taking me some time to get through Peter Carey’s Amnesia. Loving it, really. I am just getting myself caught up on other projects, work and family life.

But…. the Miles Franklin Award has been announced and I want to read it……now. Sofie Laguna’s The Eye of the Sheep has been described by a Readings reviewer as a story about ‘ the intricacies of love and marriage, brotherhood, power dynamics, medical issues and the definition of family – her novel is a mixture of the brutality found in Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones and the pain in John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars… The Eye of the Sheep will break your heart – a small price to pay to hear Jimmy’s story.’

This tale sounds real to me. Maybe I should reconvene the book club girls. I am in, how about you?