Where is True North?

Do you ever wonder whether you are heading in the right direction? So much of life we do without a road map, a guide or any sense of the terrain ahead. And on some days this is really daunting. Terrifying even. Looking for ‘True North’ the right way forward is I believe a delicate balance of drawing on divine intervention, the framework of your belief, the discernment and wisdom of those who share the journey with you and all with an openness of learning and willingness to enjoy the travel.

To travel or not to travel

Adventures are hard. I am out of practice. So a 24 hour journey has been demanding. But it is always demanding isn’t? People waiting, tired, anxious. People leaving, saying goodbyes, anticipating change or a new life event. I watch people as I travel and wonder about their lives. Why does the young woman sitting next to me travel alone? How can the guy in front watch movies back to back for the entire flight? There is the married man with ear plugs, eye mask and blanket, the very large couple that really need an extra seat to accommodate their combined girth. And the young families with the baby. I hear the cries but can mostly ignore them. But I feel for the Mama pacing the aisle. I have been there! Breastfed a baby for what felt like an entire flight to the UK, just to get her to sleep. So it is physically demanding travelling when you are child free, healthy and in good mind. Imagine flying overseas because you have news of the death of a loved one?

Anyway, we have arrived…. and we have a day of exploring ahead of us.

The Road Home

The drive home from the city can be chaotic and frustrating. Sitting in traffic with a car loaded with small people, hungry, tired, bored. But as we escape the concrete jungle, the towers and tunnels and endless grey maze of roads, we find ourselves alone on a long road home. As we travelled home last night I noticed the beauty everywhere. Long hot summer days had scorched the earth, dried out the paddocks and provided the perfect backdrop for an evening sun. The dark range of the Grampians sat quietly on the horizon, their majesty becoming clearer as we approached home.