See the World

Is this true of your voyage around the world? Is it true of mine? I have been reflecting on who I encounter on a daily basis, who I chose to spend time with. Are my friends and connections a homogeneous gang? Do I want to have ‘sliced white bread like’ acquaintances? The answer is probably, no.

Living in a rural place we have  social and economic diversity but lack the richness of a cultural mix. We have a range of ages here but lack the 18 – 35 year olds – this group tends to leave in search of bigger and brighter things. ( I did when I was in that age bracket.)

So how do I grow in the way I see and experience the world?

Be open to unexpected friendships and acquaintances. Be open to new, different, alternative and challenging experiences. Allow my family and my children to journey with me, both here in this place we call home and beyond.

Last Minute Advent Ideas

Advent chaos. It gets to the last day of November and I am overwhelmed by all of the fabulous things I have not done in preparation for advent. Decorations, Jesse tree and a new and inventive advent calendar….. So here are some last minute ideas I have been collecting on Pinterest. The last one is for the grown ups!
 Variations on the small paper bag theme are endless. Find some great advent readings online and print them out and add a small treat.
 Super fast way to reuse your muffin tray!

 If you are good with a hot glue gun and spray paint, here is the peg and board idea.

Covered rolls are simple and fun, especially if you are trying to theme your Xmas decorations and use natural products – linen, brown paper and string.
 This idea is super cute and one I can imagine leaving up after the event.

More paper bags – it is all in the way you hang them. Different lengths add visual interest and caters for small kiddies and slightly older teens wanting to participate.

Really simple use of newspaper and wash tape. Possibilities are endless here, but I like their uniform size and shape. Find a great box or container to hold them all.

 I am sure you have seen this one on social media. Advent for grown ups. You could substitute anything really for the wine. Boutique beers, small bottles from the mini bar,  a new coffee bean or cordial favour?
Here is hoping you get your Advent ideas organised today.

Bread with Bling

My love of bread and making bread continues. But I love this……bling for bread. Herbs, garlic, onions, butter, oils, seasoning all crammed into a loaf of bread that has been coaxed into slices.
I grew up thinking garlic bread had to be a semi stale bread stick that you repurposed. Now I know it is best with a quality handmade bread loaf, sliced, filled, wrapped and warmed gently in the oven.
This a perfect starter or to serve with bowls of soup, stew or pasta ragout. Enjoy.

Florence Broadhurst Bag

Before the birth of my last babe, good friends hosted a baby shower for moi. It was special because for me this was baby number five and I didn’t need more baby gear or to play party games but it was a chance to see girlfriends, sip bubbles and eat cake.
A lovely friend and talented designer friend Jackie O’Brien ( Hazel Green) created a special bespoke ‘nappy bag’. It was made big, practical and I think beautiful. A practical combination of  linen, adjustable straps and waterproof bottom. And featuring a fabulous piece of Florence Broadhurst fabric.

Of course the internal zip pocket works well for this valuable bits and bobs.

The great thing about this bag is that while it has outgrown its use as a nappy bag it has been re-purposed as my study satchel. Here it is loaded with books and ready to go. This is something I would keep in mind when purchasing for family and friends. How can the gift be reused and re-purposed? The beauty of the handmade gift is that the love keeps on giving, long after the event.