Paper Planes

I have spent a lot of my life grappling with the concept of difference. Race, gender and religion have all played a part in defining this notion for me personally. I remember being relieved moving to the city at 18 years old and starting University to find that my perceived handicap of difference was not so bad after all. There was a healthy and dynamic multi cultural mix amongst my peers, there were people speaking openly about their faith and belief systems and I was introduced to the world of feminism via literature and politics.

These issues have not gone away entirely. But one of the beautiful things about growing older (and hopefully wiser) is that you are better able to determine what really matters, what to care about, devout time and energy to and what to leave behind.

I care about issues of race, marginalisation, discrimination to the point where it hurts. I am a strong advocate for women in this world and their right to education, healthcare, housing and freedom. And I love the idea that we can discuss our ideas and beliefs about faith.

But what I want to be known for is that these issues are secondary to me being confident in God’s grace and that my identity is in Him. So there will be days where I will look like a poor paper plane amongst the jet planes. My focus and fight will seem counter cultural. But this difference is worth it. This difference is eternal.