Third Space, Second Time Round

They say practice what you preach.
Do it. Just do it.

I know this week I am far from that goal. My intentions of writing here regularly have already been swamped by extra work and family demands. My commitment to writing and doing something I love seems to wane under external pressures. I am not fighting for the right to have me time and pursue something that I know is good for me.

Yet here I am in an awkward before school moment writing. I have been up since five this morning to assist Miss 15 get ready for a school excursion. My brain is on, I feel wired.

But here is the thing – there are competing ideas swirling in my brain and I feel like a kid running around with a net chasing butterflies that continue to escape. Each idea is elusive, close but not really in my grasp.

I am reminded of Dr Adam Fraser’s The Third Space. I have introduced this to my year 12 students and encouraged them to apply the idea. In fact I am sure I have blogged about this before.

Now it is time for me to find that third space.

So Much to Tell You….

So this is me back from a long break from blogging.

Did I stop writing?


Did I have head space for blogging my thoughts?

Sometimes. But I was committed to other blogging and writing pursuits that somehow got in the way.

Why are am I blogging again?

I am carving out me time and believe it or not, the blog is a segue to relaxation. Blogging helps me feel productive and that I have achieved something. I enjoy sharing ideas, encouraging and challenging others on their journey.

Will the blog look different?

Honestly, I am not sure. Blogging is an organic process. I don’t have a blogging schedule and a social media consultant and a book deal. So I don’t have external pressures and deadlines to meet. I know some of you enjoy reading my ramblings. I invite you to comment and dialogue with me, partner with me as we do life together. With partners and kids and expectations and ambitions.

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Help me, my friend….


Hey friend,

This afternoon was blocked out as a working window to write. No, not lovely blog posts but the more serious, academic stuff that I have engaged with called the PhD.  But things have happened and my day has not quite evolved as planned.

I have however, had a tyre fixed and refitted. I have explored the possibility of upgrading from a Queen size bed to a King. Any advice? I have done several loads of washing and read 4 academic papers. Then there were bills that I paid, emails that I responded to and a book I read speedily over lunch. So I have been productive but have not aligned all of my energy into the very thing that I must do today. And it is almost school pick up time. Hmmm.

I am getting close to 1000 blog posts on this humble little blog space. It started out as a family journal of life with small people, feeding them and nurturing them. Since 6mouthsfeed we have become 7mouths2feed and now, as the big 1-0-0-0 approaches I have been  considering stepping away from this story. It has been a grand jaunt, through the grim days of motherhood and babies, school days and making memories with my kids. Blogging has kept me writing and reading when everything else felt too hard.

Nowadays there is so much to read and consume I am a little overwhelmed at times by it all. But for me,  blogging has helped me make sense of it all. I don’t pretend to be an expert. I just do better when I am part of a team. Thank you for adding to the discussion, sharing a post or trying a recipe. If you have been following a long for a time you will have no doubt tried to bake bread with me, made a never fail chocolate cake, experimented with the no sugar way and perhaps dabbled in some good reading. We have shared faith stories, debated the latest parenting approach or enjoyed a new movie or tune. This blog is many things.

So what should I do? Make 1000 posts, celebrate and slip away into cyber land? Is it time for a new more grown up blog. A makeover perhaps? Some Q and A. Help me polish this story, 7mouthsfeed and find my next Big thing.

Yours, S x

Kicking the Blogging Beast

Kicking the habit.

Writing. Blogging. It is not unlike having a habit that captures your head and your heart.
I write because it helps me to ‘breathe’, reflect, revise and edit aspects of our busy life. But I write to connect, create and capture special ideas, moments and dreams.

So kicking the habit of writing almost daily was not straightforward. I longed for a fix, for time at the computer, space to take hold of some ideas and commit them into words.

I wrote for a while the old fashioned way. Pen and paper. A New Year’s resolution to write more. But busyness meant that I missed one day, then two, then twenty days…

Taking a break from blogging was also withdrawing myself from technology and accounting for how I was spending my time. I don’t know about you but when I am writing I am also reading – books, blogs, articles…anything. And all the while I am filing away ideas, new perspectives. I am archiving material for future reference, for a project that might one day eventuate. When I am blogging I am usually also reading around a range of things – on the laptop, on the iPad or iPhone. I snatch 5 minutes here and there, waiting around at school pick ups, while the kettle boils, while the kids are taking a bath. Email becomes Facebook, becomes ebay, Pinterest. You get the picture…..

A summer break at the beach, without the usual access to 24/7 world wide web connections made the transition away from blogging and technology a little easier. I read because I wanted to sit and read – not scourge the pages for new ideas. I cooked and ate without thinking I needed to photograph for a blog post. And I enjoyed the company of friends and family without making each experience a ‘kodak aka blogging moment.’ It was liberating. Joyful. Real.

So I kicked the habit for a few months. I took a sabbatical and am now rested. I want to write again and play with this little blog. I want to stay connected without compromising my ‘real’ life connections. But I am willing to kick the blogging beast again, if its roar becomes too loud.

Sabbatical. Hiatus. Rest.

Sabbatical or a sabbatical (from Latin sabbaticus, from Greek sabbatikos, from Hebrew shabbat, i.e., Sabbath, literally a “ceasing”) is a rest from work, or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year. The concept of sabbatical has a source in shmita, described several places in the Bible (Leviticus 25, for example, where there is a commandment to desist from working the fields in the seventh year). In the strict sense, therefore, a sabbatical lasts a year. (Reference)

I have never taken a formal sabbatical from paid work. My work history is marked with time out to have babies (all 5 of them), taking on projects and consultancy work so that I have continued to dabble in work and family life, grabbing hold of some semblance of normality. So at the end of last year, the onset of Christmas and a long Summer break seemed like the perfect time to take a blogging sabbatical. A rest from the work of blogging, a hiatus. Well my hiatus has lasted 5 months. Honestly, I have been on the cusp of writing here again for sometime. But I want to share with you what I have learnt while taking a break from “working the fields”. I would love to know whether you have ever taken a sabbatical?

So Much To Tell You

Thank you for your patience. I have had a great break away from the blogosphere. But I have come to realise that I miss this blogging beast – it has been with me for years and has facilitated so many ideas, projects, friendships and community. As a dear friend reminded me this blog is a record of life, my 7mouths2feed and the various machinations of who and what and how we love.

I am dabbling in all sorts of things right now and would love to keep writing. This is one of the few ways I can do that. Don’t go away because I have ‘so much to tell you’.