The Eye of the Storm

Last night I managed the cold by curling up with my knitting project and viewing a recent ABC showing of The Eye of the Storm. I really hadn’t anticipated how moving and engaging the story would be. I had not realised that this Fred Schepsi film, an adaptation of the classic Patrick White novel, could be at once so melancholy but so acute in its portrayal of difficult family relationships. As Elizabeth Hunter summons her two expatirate children to see her on her deathbed the trauma of past wrongs unravel. Relationships betrayed, forgotten and denied are at once marked again. And in the throws of dementia and a morphine induced calm, old Elizabeth Hunter reveals more past hurts to the most unlikely people.

A stunning Australian cast of Geoffrey Rush, Robyn Nevin, Judy Davis, Charlotte Rampling and Colin Friels makes the film worthwhile, if only to see them together. For me, as I mourn the loss of my grandma and consider memories of family and identity, there were some scenes that were too close to ‘home’, to the eye of my storm.
I suggest you catch the film again on ABC iview while you can.