This will not be an in depth scientific account of the woman’s menstrual cycle and the period. It is just a little heads up that one of the things that has been distracting me a lot of late is female hormones. After five babies and a whole lot of living I am rediscovering the need to know my hormones and understand what is happening at this stage of life…..On the other hand I am reading things that will equip me to help my girls understand the period thing. And let me tell you there seems to be so much more information out there that you and I could easily chat about over a coffee.

So read this and take note that there will be future musings about the monthly spill, sharing about resources I find and helpful ways to handle tricky situations. Want to know what I am really talking about? Here are some Qs:

How do you help a teenage girl navigate her period on Outdoor Ed Camp?

Why do I feel so fabulous one week, I could take on the world and the next week I am unable to get out the door?

What do headaches, sugar, stress and sleep have to do with my period?

I hope I haven’t embarrassed you. Periods are normal and amazing things really. We just need to know what we need to know, when we need to know it. Period.