Naked Hedgehog

My kids surprise me everyday. One of the things I have done since returning to live in the country is to bake slices. Yes, it seems a country women’s association kinda thing to do. But the advantage of the humble slice, whether it is baked or unbaked, is that they tend to keep well – if they last that long!

In the middle of a recent afternoon baking session the girls gathered in the kitchen to ‘help’ me. This is code for eating mixture, licking bowls and draining the dregs of the condensed milk can. I was making hedgehog with my fail safe recipe when all four girls insisted that I not ice the hedgehog slice. Really? A Naked Hedgehog slice? I was in the habit of makingĀ  slab of chocolate icing or using real chocolate if I was feeling generous. But they were determined. A naked, nude hedgehog slice.

I confess it is actually great without the extra sweetness. So here is me, having an afternoon coffee and a sweet treat. And here is the exceptionally easy recipe for you to make for you and yours.
Enjoy. x

Naked Hedgehog Slice

2 packets of Marie/Arrowroot biscuits, crushed ( I use a food processor or Thermomix)
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
250 grams butter
1/2 cup cocoa

Melt the butter, condensed milk and cocoa and mix until combined. I use the microwave and it usually takes 1 min 30 sec. It should be thick and glossy when you mix it all together.

Combine the cocoa mixture with the crushed biscuits. Press mixture firmly into a slice tin or plastic container lined with foil. Place the slice in the fridge until set. Cut into mini bars.

** The basic hedgehog is great with dried fruit and nuts, but my kids prefer it simple.