The Photo

image : unknown

I fell for Elvis back in 1977. Yes the year he died and I was a young poppet. In the years following I manaaged to work my way though viewing his films, black and white wonders with his Elvis style music.

Then in my teens I grew up with this young girl, Madonna. We parted ways after music became less important than style, image and exploring identity.

I was quite taken aback to see this image. The young Madonna finding her way to the Rock’n’ Roll King himself. Making a connection.

Images are powerful. They can transport and transform, transcend time and place. There is power in what is said and unsaid. What is revealed and what is left out of the picture. What else is going on in this photo? Who do we not see? Is there some important action that is taking place to the left or right that we will never know about?

All I know is here is the King and maybe the Queen of the music world. In one capture.