Doing the Right Stuff

At the end of the week it feels good to have got some things done. It has been hectic this week with 4 of our 5 kids participating in the local Music Eisteddfod, performing at all times of the day and night. It has been brilliant watching them achieve great things and learn more about performing. On top of that we have had a broken washing machine (which means laundry chaos), a defunct fridge ( more daily meal chaos) and now a semi-broken freezer. So domestic life has been less than normal, my routine has been a bit scattergun. But we have made it through the week.

And you know I have had small moments to dream, reflect on the hard stuff that life is throwing me right now, read some more good stuff and stopped doing other things that have cluttered my time and head space. I am overwhelmed with thanks for living in a small country town which allows me to be close to home, work, schools, friends and town. I can do the school drop off, meet a friend for coffee and still be home by mid morning to the things I need to do. It is good to get some stuff done, but even more satisfying to have done some of the important things. Like hanging out with Him. How do you feel about your week?