Curry night

We have just had week three of curry night, a night committed to hanging out with old friends and newly formed acquaintances over a good curry or good food substitute.

Each week has seen a new group of people come through our door and we have had a great time, but I am exhausted. The logistics of feeding our own 6 mouths and then adding up to 8-10 more mid week has been interesting. Between baby sleeps, my study, school runs, after school activities, domestic work etc etc I have to carefully plan the grocery run in order to have time to “cook” the curry.

Last night was a Malaysian style beef curry with spinach and potato, a huge pot of Dahl and tandoori chicken. Bel brought a gorgeous chocolate, walnut and plum torte. So the food was great but I was too exhausted to enjoy it. We even sampled a Best’s pino noir rose – a possible for B&B’s wine bar wine list.

The effort is worth it as we try to connect with the community and become outwards focused.

Seven years ago today….

She came into the world, one arm reaching forth to share her love and sparkle.
Today has been about Madeleine…from the early morning stirring and excitement, to the retelling of birth stories, to her favourite pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, the buzz of unwrapping presents from the very big family she is a part of, the series of phone calls that link her with family here, the city, interstate and overseas(thanks!), the new bike and the 40 minute ride that took all six of us 2 hours!

The fun on choosing an outfit for our family lunch – and she chose her new clothes I picked up for her, the sharing with her grandparents and Dad the 20 minute drive to The Royal Mail Hotel – sensational views, good food and wine.

Then the time at home pottering, making birthday sponges ( and I am not a country sponge queen – but they were ok, thanks to Robyn’s recipe), whipping cream, seeing friends and then putting up the tent in the backyard, where our three sleep, wrapped in sheets and snuggled together.

What an adventure today has been and what adventure the last seven years has been with our girl, the first of three girls. “A” sang with his choir at a wedding today and he said it was great to see Tim sing for his girl, his daughter gettting married and see her cry. We want to give each of them, each of the four bundles so much love.