Fabric Fetish

I have had such a great time today in the big city discovering old and new fabric stores. I have been on the hunt for great linen and cotton. A visit to Patchwork on Central Park   proved to be such an inspiration. They have a strong range of Japanese and English fabrics and a superb selection of linen. I could have bought many things but tried to restrain myself to the much needed items to complete the current exhibition project.

I have been trying to pop by and read the blog from the Patchwork team and noticed that  Scarlet Jones is connected to them, as the other beautiful home and fashion store. It too has some dreamy pieces.

And on my walking journey today I noticed this shop – Quince. I am always drawn to hand printed fabric so I was keen to read more about the artist online. It is interesting the path that life takes people before they realise their passion and focus. I wonder what I will be when I grow up?