Going away on Grand Final Day

Do you ever feel like this? The car which normally copes with the 7 little and big people is now packed to capacity, complete with roof pod and every spare internal space jammed with spare boots and books.

Today this was us…although we drive a very safe Swedish black car, you get the picture. Space was tight. The journey not entirely comfortable. For some reason our trip to the big city, which is usually uneventful was marked by a prolonged coffee stop off at my brother’s house ( very fun!), several toilet stops and difficult moments coercing the toddler to put both arms in her car seat restraints.

It wasn’t all bad though. We managed to listen to a new CD, the kids watched a DVD and we heard the end of the Grand Final play on the local radio. Thank goodness for the final – the roads right into town were deserted. So we had no unexpected stops….in the city. How was your Grand Final day?