Creative Adventures

I have a little something that is keeping me out of trouble. I am using a piece of Denyse Schmidt’s fabric from years ago now and am stitching in a great natural linen coloured perle cotton. It was to be a small quilt to use on the end of my bed, but already daughter number one has been arguing her case for a quilt upgrade. I am finding the quilting therapeutic. I think quilting ‘my style’, which involves no patterns or rules works best. I am relaxed and am not stressing about not being able to interpret a pattern. Do you like following patterns, instructions and rules? Or are you a rule breaker like me?

Piece by Piece

I have been working on a little sewing project for a friend. This has been taking place behind the scenes of family life for months now and I am so excited that it is almost ready to be revealed here. It involves art and fabric and an exhibition. So stay tuned this week for more information.

But just for a little sneak peak at the project I thought I would share some of my inspiration. I was writing about my own creative endeavours and what influences my ideas. Denyse Schmidt has been very important over the last few years. She creates and breaks the rules about colour, pattern, texture and placement. And so do I. When my sewing lines are not straight and I use the natural curve and shape of a garment in a new project, it breaks conventions. Freedom!
This is an image from one of her workshops in the US.