Byaduk Second Hand Store

A weekend drive past this local store and the treasures of yesterday are tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Some great furniture and retro finds and vintage fabric. Hmmmm……just not sure about the gnome being collectable? But I like the chair and the interesting artwork. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Chairs like these are in need of some fabric reworking don’t you think?

Really not sure who this is meant to be? Religious maybe? Christ – no.

Unknown gnome – hiding. They all should be hidden don’t you think?

Fabric stash…..

Vintage Finds: HELP!

A few months ago on a long drive home with all 5 kids, we discovered these rather great TH Brown chairs in a small country town second hand shop. But we only have 4 of them and need at least 6-8 more. Some of the same would be a miracle as they are genuine mid Century modern chairs – now much sort after. Think 1950s Parker and Fler. If you happen to see some in your travels into the odd opportunity shop, garage sale or grandparents home (!!??) please let me know.