Food Connects

I have a man that cooks. In fact he loves to cook, when there is time. I have encouraged him to make more time because we all enjoy his food. And I think the process of preparing and cooking a meal is quietly therapeutic. Some days I would disagree with this idea (think frazzled Mumma with no time to cook) but for the most part cooking allows us to love, to share and to connect with each other. The food becomes a meal which becomes a shared activity of love and our life together. Enjoy your food today and be thankful for the hands that prepared it and the one who provided it.

A Meal Captured by Leo Patrone

 Kinfolk magazine  

Thinking about meals and making room at our table. Dreaming about beautiful food, family celebrations, hours shared with friends at the dining room table. Thinking about slow, deliberate food preparation with local, seasonal ingredients that we have sourced from farms and paddock surrounds. Thinking about rustic spaces, candlelight.
Leo Patrone’s images ( he is a wedding and portrait photographer) for Kinfolk magazine which I discovered from Bodie and Frou made me sigh…..the meal looks beautiful. Don’t you agree? If you haven’t seen Kinfolk before do stop by and have a look at their journal. They say, the magazine is”our way of encouraging a natural approach to spending time with family and friends.”