Krazy Kale

Kale pesto and goat cheese pizza

Had anyone heard about Kale until the last year or so? I love leafy greens but this one had somehow escaped my attention until it became a trend food. Now all the major supermarkets stock it. It was only 4 months ago when I asked a leading retailer for some and I was told there was no demand. Well hello! Not anymore – kale chips, braised kale, kale salad, kale in green smoothies and pesto all promise life changing wholesome goodness. Not all the 7mouths in our home are keen on the curly green thing. I am trying to grow it at the moment and between keeping the water up to each little plant in the soaring heat, I think the snails are winning.
But if I can grow it successfully this year I am determined to find more ways to slip it into our diet, in a kid friendly kinda way. You know what I mean?

Juicy Lucy

I have rediscovered our juicer. Years ago my man would rise early to chop, peel and prep fresh fruit for our morning sustenance. But the busyness of life and the expense of buying in fruit to feed a growing family meant that our enthusiasm was somewhat short lived. But I found it again – the juicer and I have been enjoying a great super juice with oranges, green apples, fresh ginger, carrot and kale. I can literally feel it doing me good. I am juicing for one – often mid morning, when I need a pick up. It has been a nice alternative to another coffee.Do you juice? What is your favourite mix?