The Word

What words can you see in this word target? I am too lazy to find as many words asĀ  I can. I prefer to find the 9 letter word. But it has been years since I looked at these crazy language games.

This term I have returned to the classroom. That is right that fabulous space where I play teacher and a group of students come along to learn. Together we enter into this journey to learn about our subject, about the world and about ourselves. I had forgotten how amazing this job is, how complex, multifaceted and demanding. My head is spinning with stories, ideas and experiences. And somehow I have come alive, again.

I am thankful for work that challenges and energizes me. Privileged to be working with young people and delighted that my own little people have risen to the challenge of the new school routine with their Mumma around. Life is busy. Life is good.

If you have been reading this but secretly also calculating what the 9 letter word is, it is wallpaper. Enjoy. x

Sitting on the Fence

Sitting on the fence. What will I be when I grow up? Get qualified? Get fit? Learn a new skill?

Have you ever wondered what is your passion? Your calling or vocation? These questions keep finding me, haunting me. And I know that I am not alone. The big idea I have encountered recently is that life can sometimes be so busy and ‘noisy’ that we are unable to identify exactly what it is that we should do, what brings us joy. What does work and busyness feels like when we are doing our thing? Some like to call it our flow, our mojo, our sweet spot. I am still reflecting on mine. What I do know is that it is no use sitting on the fence. Being lukewarm is disconcerting, sitting in limbo will not achieve anything. So today my goal is to get off the fence and walk towards that sweet spot, confident, hopeful, expectant.