Funky Hair Day…

  • Funky hair day… raises money for the leukaemia foundation. We have had dear friends whose daughter has been fighting this illness over recent years. By God’s grace she is growing in health.

So every year when the children’s school have a special “funky hair day” the purpose of raising money is a personal exercise. The kids prayed for our little friend each day and have seen God intervene and work to heal.

The Funky event is talked about weeks before; bouncing around ideas for outrageous hairstyles, additions and up-dos.

It is particularly important that all the right products are purchased in advance. On this year’s list were the following items: pink hairspray, yellow and red hairspray,florist wire.

We had fun creating Pippy Longstockingesque plaits and Jakob’s newer longer do was teased and spiked and coloured.

Maybe this is a preview of punk days that are to come!