No More Mummy Days

My baby girl has made it through her first week of Prep. Prep or Foundation as it is also known, is the first year of school for us in Australia and it is formal, structured and five full days of learning.

There have been no tears this week.  From me that is. This is the fifth time I have waved good bye to a little prep person. It is a huge journey this roller coaster ride called school.  I hope hers will be joyful, challenging and extraordinary.

If I am honest I am sad that the Mummy days are over. Days of one to one strolls down town, coffee in a cafe, baking slowly at home with no demands or agendas. This picture is one of our last Mummy days while on holidays. Milk bottles and plastic animals and all. Here is hoping that we find time for Mummy dates in lieu of Mummy days in the future.

Today We Have No Plans

Wouldn’t that be bliss. No plans. Freedom. Flexibility. Everything or nothing.
I am not sure my family hears these words very often at all. But in the last week we have been reading and re-reading this delightful book written by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Anna Walker. Today We Have No Plans is a simple story that works through the activities of each day until the weekend comes. Then there is permission to lounge around in your pjs, eat breakfast for hours, read the paper, play and simply be. The illustrations are particularly special, so I am engaged, as are my little ones.
Do find a copy and have a read, perhaps one day when you have no plans….

PS. There is a new book being published in a few months called Starting School – possibly a great Christmas present!