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Is it possible to get to the end of the school holidays and feel burnt out? Sure we have had a break, had time as a family, visited with friends, played in the surf and had some great chilled out time. But. And this is quite a big but, could it be that really I am exhausted?

Holidays require me, the mother of 5 kidlets to be on duty 24/7, without a break. There is not time out when the little people go to school. No time for that walk alone, coffee in the sun or even visiting the bathroom alone. For the last few months I have been running – on the inside at least. This what I notice happens when I don’t get a break.

  • If you are anything like me you will notice yourself becoming irritable for no reason, anxious and overwhelmed by random, inconsequential things. And then your husband notices this behavior too and that hurts.
  • Taking care of me becomes a distant memory. I work myself into a frenzy of care for everyone else and I fail to make the space and time to do the simple things that keep me sane and recharged. Like exercise, time to journal, meditate and pray, catch up with good friends.
  • Excessive behavior is not one I would have owned up to. But I find myself wasting the time I do not have by self medicating with social media, web surfing for a new handbag or too much TV and this leaves me feeling empty. Some people eat too much, indulge in sugar, alcohol or staying up late. The self -medicating thing looks different for everyone.

So I have arrived at the start of the school year, with plenty of my own work and academic deadlines looming and I am showing  signs of Burnout.  This week needs to be a little bit slow-er. I need to be kind to myself  and make a list of all the things I should not do.

Time Out

It is a strange thing to have to schedule time out, but over the last week and being away I have had to do that. I had a few hours alone in a cafe, sipping coffee and completing some much needed reading and doing some work related thinking. Long gone are those student days when whole days stretched before me to plan, read and write. Since children my time is short and precious and I have learnt to work smart. How about you? Do you achieve some time out now and again? Love to know how you do that……