Communication: Chaos and Control

As if this time of year is not crazy enough….just over a week ago a fire at a regional telephone exchange wiped out over 60,000 lines in our area. Think on it for a moment. Chaos.

No telecommunications. No landlines. No internet – email, Facebook, Blogging. No electronic banking. No online shopping. No EFTPOS. No cash. No communication.
It has been a roller coaster of a week in terms of technology. After small withdrawals I have survived. But businesses small and large are still recovering from being unable to process electronic purchases, receive faxes, phone calls, track orders and so on. And there are those who are old and ill, vulnerable and unable to call someone in an emergency.
My local crisis is insignificant when compared to those whose homes and regions are ravaged by the storms and natural disasters of late.
It has made me realise how dependent we all are on technology. You and I. Our neighbour and our friend across the globe. A short break from it all has been helpful. Today I am thankful for the phone that rings, the email that pings, the web that opens the world wide. But I am also thankful for the silence of the last few days……