The Art of Letter Writing

In the last few months I have started writing to a good friend, again. Now don’t get me wrong we speak on the phone, text email, repin each other’s pins on pinterest and read Facebook. And we visit in person when the occasion permits. But there is something so special about receiving snail mail in this digital age. A handwritten letter suggests you have taken time to think, compose, question and comment. It is more than a quick idea, a few words in abbreviated language and symbols to express emotion.
My handwriting used to be ‘interesting’ in a stylish kind of way. Now it is a difficult cursive script that even I cannot always decipher. But I am working on it.So why hand write a letter?
Because I value slowing down. In composing I am reflecting on my life, what I am thinking and reading, how I am engaging with my man and my children, what I am learning about love, life and the universe. And if you had special stationery and a pen into the mix the results can be such a delight.
Why not join me and write a letter a week to a new or old friend. Who are you going to write to today?