I love cooking, I love dinner

I want to help.

Ok, can you go and get a chair? (Lily drags a chair over to the bench.)

I want to wear this one. I like this one. ( Selects an apron.)

Can you stand on the chair?

Yes…..I want to mix.

Look at the camera, Lily.

I love cooking. I love dinner.

She is nearly two years old and she is loving cooking dinner!

Swim Swim

Yesterday was the school swimming sports and again another day of splish, splash. The night before A decided to teach J and M how to dive in! There were some high and lowlights…..but the main thing was that the kids team Grange, won! You can see Maddy keeping warm after an event and Jakob in action.


Isabella has been sick for 4 and a half days with gastro. Until last night she had not eaten and drank onlywhen asked. But this morning she is smiling and talking and seems so much better. The old Bel is back. Maybe the threat of Dr Mark putting a big needle in her arm got her well. Maybe it was prayer.

No one else has been sick so maybe it was food poisoning. The sushi at the airport?? hhmm. Glad she is well.

Emily + Mick = LOVE

My little sister tied the knot so to speak last Sunday. She married on my parents 40th wedding anniversary. She wore red, her gals wore black and there were an abundance of white roses. Sounding very Deb Conway for those of you who remember the song!
The ceremony was simple, sweet and in a lovely old picture theatre. After some champagne and canapes we traipesed across the lawn to BLUE the restaurant. Wonderful food and cool music.
It was good to see family and in particular see the wee ones play.

Our working week….and the year of the rat!

This has been a huge week for many reasons:

  • Maddy has been to school swimming lessons in rain and shine – but is swimming so well
  • Lily went to her “school”, aka childcare for three days in a row and survived, alebit with a few more tears than desired
  • Jakob is enjoying his new teacher, who as fate would have it, I had as a teacher in Grade one!!
  • Isabella is white board monitor and is responsible for cleaning her classboard each day. She has woken at 4.15am for the last three days now….with nightmares and goodmares, but basically has woken to get in bed with us
  • Andrew has managed to care for 4 kids for days alone ( with the help of my wonderful parents!!) and work and manage the juggle
  • Susan survived 2 plane rides…and AA it was actually ok. Both times I was seated in an emergency exit and was instructed how to safely exit the plane in the event that we needed to leave suddenly. Aaaahhhh….the medication helped I think!
  • I also survived a night in the big smoke in my own apartment and went to meetings. How grown up!
  • We celebrated Chinese New Year with Mum and Dad. The kids are having Chinese lessons with my Dad – so it all has more meaning this year.
  • Andrew is a wedding singer. He has been preparing 2 fabulous pieces to sing at a wedding today – a Muse song and one by David Crowder
  • Andrew has just made us all Bill’s blueberry and buckwheat pancakes. Delicious.