Betty Bunny and Book Eating Boys?

It is Book Week 2012 in Australia: Saturday 18 – Friday 24 August. The theme for 2012 is Champions Read and no doubt families across the country are preparing for the much anticipated dress up for Book week at their local primary school. We have had great fun over the years pulling together costumes: Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Elizabeth Bennett, Pippy Longstocking and the rest.
While we get distracted but the costumes and making links to favourite books the Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlist some fabulous books worth reading or putting on the list for Christmas and Birthday choices.

We have had great fun reading over the last few weeks. These are not on the BCBA list but here are two of our favourites from our local library:

Betty Bunny is a ‘handful’ and her frequent misunderstandings and the quaint humour of this story is played out in Betty’s large family. My three year old can relate to some of the great lines that Betty delivers.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers

This is a lovely tale about a boy who eats books and gets smart. But realises that really books are meant to beread and there is so much to learn by reading…..the illustrations are wonderful.