Travelling without leaving home

The next few weeks will be very different as two of our family members are overseas. So as I reflect on life at home without my man and daughter, he is utilising the technology to report back to us. I hope you will ‘travel along with us these few weeks’. Enjoy. S x

Travelling without leaving home. I’m travelling with my oldest daughter, M, on a school trip to China.  
I’ve been a relative stranger to international travel this last decade.  It’s been over 10 years – just – since I travelled OS with a child.  This child was one of the three we brought back from the UK in 2004. 
Travelling with teenagers has, of course, given me pause to reflect on my own travels as a teenager.  And the way that communication has changed. 
I travelled twice in a group of teenagers in the 1980s.  The first time I was 14, and travelling to China.  Like she is now.  The second time I was 17, and travelling to Europe.  Phone cards were the innovative communication tool then.  Apart from that, it was post cards and letters, communicating old news. 
We’re not in China yet.  But I was able to text my wife as we touched down in Singapore, to give my love to the rest of the family at the start of a school day.  After she’d dropped the other kids at school, and I’d checked the days early facebook status updates, M and I had a Facetime conversation with Susan, who was home by then.  I utilised the free wi-fi at Changi to upload some photos to Dropbox – which I hope we’ll continue to be able to do in China. 
So far, it’s a bit like travelling without leaving home. 
I couldn’t quite come at spending what was required to be able to stay on-line in the air.  

The kids are travelling well. A little bit of travel sickness, a couple of kids throwing up.  And another flight to go.