one more day to go

It is almost New Year’s Eve and we have made it to Melbourne. For the first time we have been on holiday over the Christmas period – we rented a new renovated beach house in
Point Lonsdale. Well the house was very comfortable and the idea of waking up there on Xmas day and then driving to Melbourne was even quite pleasant. However, post Christmas 4 out of 6 of us have been struck down with gastro. So we have had horrid nights of vomiting and waking babies followed by days of lethargic moping. Jakob at least now understands how cricket works, following hours of the test.

There is so much to be joyful about at this time of the year but the general busyness and materialism can suck the life out of you. We all have felt in need of a holiday, an escape and time to reflect. In some bizarre way, maybe this was God’s answer – just seems harsh with the gastro.

So now we are in Melbourne for a week to catch up with friends and play in our old haunts – a coffee at Brunetti’s, lunch at Tran Tran in Victoria St, yum cha in China Town, shopping at the Mediterranean supermarket in Sydney Road and a wander through Camberwell , Fed Square and so on. The week ahead is meant to be hot, unlike the last one……rain and hail. We so need the rain, but while we were at the beach??

Prior to illness I managed to read Alice Garner’s memoir, The Student Chronicles. We went through Melbourne Uni at the same time so I enjoyed reading another woman’s musings on university life. As a college student and eager CU member my take would be written differently, with interesting points of sameness. Like we were all handwriting or using a typewriter for our first year essays!

I am also churning my way through Yancey’s Prayer. I have found it challenging on many levels and quite meditative to read in small chunks. I had intended to cook last week but the gastro and with a commitment to cut down on coffee, alcohol and chocolate not much got done. I cannot wait to use the new Nigella Lawson cookie cutters I was given for Xmas…..sweet….alphabets!