Gratitude on this Autumn Day….

 Autumn LeavesThe leaves are changing colour. Our backyard and neighbourhood footpaths are covered in crunchy, golden leaves. Walking outside right now in the crisp autumn air is like taking a stroll in your morning cornflakes. The sound is amazing….if you stop long enough and linger.

I am thankful for the small people in my life. The family that makes me ‘run’ throughout the day doing life, will also make me stop. To hold chubby hands and skip through brown, ochre, green and yellow leaves. To collect acorns. To inhale the dampness that comes with leaves that slowly, gently, fall and find their own stillness in gardens deep.

Sometimes nature awakens our senses in unexpected ways. I have gazed at the autumnal goodness outside our windows for weeks now. But today the leaves sang a new song. They reminded me of their journey. Reminded me of a season of change that is upon me. And asked me to embrace it. Gratitude.