Mindful in May

This week I have been walking more. Walking with mindful intent. It is after all Mindful in May.
Have you been caught up in the new wave of mindfulness? Being present, mindful of our body and surrounds as we quieten our mind, meditate and breathe. Mindfulness, gratitude, positive thinking are all meant to prepare us for the real world. But when real life takes hold it is sometimes hard to practice gratitude and being positive. We are prone to anxiety, fear, regret, resentfulness and sorrow.

The Mindful in May project encourages people to be accountable to family and friends as they pledge a small some of money and take a one month e course in mindfulness and meditation. Ten minutes a day. And in doing so funds are being raised for Charity water. If you need a push and some encouragement I think this could be a good starting point. But I am content with my own purposeful mindful practice – ‘food’ to nourish the soul, movement for the body and time to think, clearly.

So begins my experiment to walk more, to clear my head, to breathe in the fresh air, to notice my surroundings and allow my mind to drift and meander as my feet take me along familiar paths. On my walks I am avoiding built up urban areas and trying to engage with open spaces, nature. I am noticing the changing colours of autumn, the bird life on the river, the crunch of my shoes on the gravel path, the cold air on my face.

Look out for more tips on how to mindful this month.