Honest: Why not to finish C25K?

I love sharing stories. I tell other people’s stories probably better than my own. Jean’s blog is all about being honest and allowing the everyday struggles of life to be seen, as she spends time with Him.

This post on why Jean won’t be finishing the C25K program is inspiring. I am sure Jean is not the first to start the program and not finish. But the clarity and honesty with which she has thought about why she must end the training is a great encouragement. It makes me realise that we need to think harder about out motivations, be honest more and realistic often. We need to take our responsibilities to ourselves and others (spouse, children, family, friends, community) seriously.

Running has given this woman so much more than she anticipated. But she wants to give others the best of herself. With the decision made she has certainty.

Today feels like a new beginning, the start of a new pattern, a new way of being.