My Style- Mother Styles

In a week thinking about new ideas, big projects and my various commitments I thought it would be fun to revisit Mother Styles, a view of the Myers-Briggs Personality types tailored to your role as a parent. It was months ago that I took the quick quiz and was ‘enlightened’. I recall thinking my personality style had changed from my days as a full time paid working woman to now a full time parent. But better still was the self care plan, a free one page document you can print and post on the fridge. Here my personality type was given a voice, this was how I could best care for myself, experience down time in the busyness of the everyday and ensure I obtained the rest I needed. So much of it made sense and described me….You may laugh and not take this all too seriously and that would be ok. But have a go. It just might be the next step for some much needed change.