Face your Fear

Part 1: Face your fear.

 I have been thinking a lot about fear and what stops me from doing what my heart really wants. What are the obstacles that prevent me from experiencing all of the joy and happiness that is possible?

There are no easy answers. The questions invite consideration and much reflection. And I have started that process. Maybe I am swatting up for that New Year resolution months early because I know that any real change in direction and vocation will take time.

2015 has already been a  huge year. My eldest completed his last year of school and my youngest started her first. Family life continues to push us all forward, the wheels of the bus keep turning, the engine hums but…..I just need to stop and get off every now and again and do a maintenance check. Is everyone ok? How is this thing called family? Are we all on the same page, working towards the same goals? What is our family mission? How can we help and support each other to be the best we can possibly be? And it is sometimes quite scary to ask those questions, to dig deep into the hearts and minds of our loved ones. But it is necessary.

Will you join me and face your fear in the last weeks of this year 2015? Grab a journal, a pen and an awesome playlist on your iPhone and start making note of all of things that have been jumping out at you, demanding your attention. Don’t overthink the task just write, list, doodle…..make marks on the paper. Stay tuned for part 2: Break your fear.

Wonder Woman

I laugh when I see this pose of Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, an old school hero of mine. The superhero genre has come along way – today the look is less retro, they have more sex appeal and perhaps more coverage of the female body with latex or lycra. But this pose, strong, legs apart, hands on hips, looking straight at the camera…this is a pose of a wonder woman. A woman of confidence, strength, knowledge and power. Even if the inner self is trembling, fearful and anxious there is an argument for taking up this pose, breathing for 10 seconds and finding renewed strength. Apparently it works, according to Jacqui Marson a psychologist and author of  “The Curse of Lovely: How to break free from the demands of others and learn to say no”

I might try this with my kids when tackling the mini meltdown or teenage tantrum; or in the workplace when being bombarded by extra demands. It would be great just to feel more confident going into battle with little people or the ‘ugly’ colleague. Bottom line it would be good to feel strong. Let’s do it. Adopt the Wonder Woman pose – three sets a day for the next week. I wonder what we will feel?