Feedback Feedback Feedback

Life is busy. I found myself several weeks ago in a bit of a black hole, overwhelmed by doing life. We have 7mouths2feed and even that task seemed too hard. When I lack inspiration to cook it is a sign that I am too busy and a little stressed. When I go to the cupboard and find several bottles of the same cleaning product I know that this too is a tell tale sign of being on the cusp of a foggy brain and mild panic.

I was not thinking. I was moving through each day without purpose and goals. I did not have energy to really love and serve my family, manage my to do list, take that walk that I really needed, clear my head and be mindful, reflect or pray.

Then out of nowhere, or so it seemed I got some feedback. Some positive, kind words came my way and whoa! It pulled me out of the hole and into the land of the living.

It reminded me how integral feedback is to our ability to function each day. At work we need words of encouragement to keep on task and to keep going. As a mother and wife I crave someone noticing that we are all fed, watered and loved. But the reality is that most of us get nothing. An occasional comment, but no really motivating, sustaining, helpful feedback.

Feedback needs to be timely. Feedback needs to relevant. Feedback needs to be practical and authentic. So for me the last few days has been a reminder to seek feedback, if it is not coming my way. And be the one looking for opportunities to encourage with kind words. Be it an email, a text message, an exchange on social media, a telephone call or a visit in person – each act to feed back to the person is so valuable. A gift of feedback.