Life is a Mixtape

Over Summer we caught up with some old friends. We catch up each year at the beach and in a few hurried days share all our news, updates with work, kids, parents, issues of faith, house renovations, future plans and so on. It is truly lovely.
These friends are special because we have been in and out of each other’s lives in various ways, at significant moments for many years. One of the markers of our friendship has been the number of ‘mixed’ tapes that A used to make and send our way – to mark a special occasion, to reflect a new event, to just because he had time to ‘record’ a few tunes of Dylan and Hendrix and the like.
The Mixtape has had its day, almost. Now we share playlists via Spotify. But a mixtape is precious. And Life’s playlist is like that too – eclectic, unexpected and precious.