The Fabric Store

One of the earliest jobs I ever had was working in a local fabric store. At the time I sewed a little and dabbled in creative projects but was not a dressmaker. However, I could tell others how much fabric to buy, advise them on accessories, haberdashery items, recommend different fabric weights, types and textures. In short I became an expert on fabric and learnt to appreciate fine quality. I trace my love of linen and Liberty fabrics to those formative years working with Rex and Roma.

My daughter and I had some fun visiting The Fabric Store in Melbourne. The purpose of our visit was to source an appropriate fabric for a dress she has to make for school. The Madison  from Merchant and Mills is a classic dress designed to fit, flatter and offer the youngest seamstress the opportunity to develop some skills. We were successful in finding a heavier dark navy Sateen cotton to create her Madison dress.

Nowadays, I am too busy to be sewing. Sadly my days of quilting and creating have been left for more demanding tasks of work and study. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at fabric. The Fabric Store was a source of great inspiration, for me and my girl.

Rainbow Bag

This gorgeous 50s inspired bag is made by my very clever mother. She has up cycled original 50s handles and the body of the bag is made by sewing coloured ricrac onto mattress ticking. If you look closely you can see how she has done it. She made this sometime ago, when my late grandmother was still about. Grandma was also an amazing crafter – she tried her hand at everything! The story goes that even in her frail state at the end she was still able choose the next row of colour my mother was to sew on her bag. This is a great sewing project and one that has many memories sewn into each row.

Mollie Makes

Inspiration comes from many places. Mollie Makes has been a recent favourite. So many good ideas.
If you follow me on Pinterest you may know that I have been pinning recycled wool quilts. I love the idea that hundreds of years ago people repurposed old woollen garments to make rugs and quilts to gain extra warmth. I have been collecting woollen jumpers for quite sometime now and have finally started the process of making. Cutting and piecing wool and cashmere, cables, ribs and smooth felted wool.

Each garment is washed in a hot machine cycle and then dried. Then I cut each garment, making sure I have as much woollen fabric to work with as possible. Then I place woollen pieces together and sew. I have a rather ad hoc approach to piecing a quilt like this. The finished product is not perfect as I combine squares and rectangles and odd shaped pieces to complete large strips, before finally joining them together. I decided to use a recycled grey woollen army blanket to use to add a border around my pieces. I haven’t decided what to back it with yet, but I am leaning towards using something simple and cotton/linen in tones of grey. Maybe a hint of colour just for an element of surprise.
Hopefully, the next stage of sewing a backing, quilting and binding won’t take forever. It is so cold here today that I think I really do need this woollen quilt to keep warm. I wonder what you are making?


It seems as though whenever I find myself with some serious work to do (other than loving and caring for my family – think loads of cooking, cleaning, washing, nursing, bathing etc) I find a  zillion other fun projects to get my hands onto.

So because I have some serious talks to prepare for a Women’s camp I am, instead doing the following:
Quilting….yes trying to make progress on my quilt for my baby who turns 2 years in a few months. You see the dilemma is because she has grown up and almost out of a cot, the quilt needs to be bigger! Aaahh. So finding inspiration here.
Rita’s gorgeous Tiffany quilt
And I am reading novels and cooking and finding so many good blogs about family life, faith, craft, design and food. I should send you a list sometime… is just like reading mags, great glossy ones expect they are all free on my screen. HHhhm.
Well here is my find of the day. Sweet Paul it is called and this is the kids issue so it is full of fun ideas for you and your kids to make, bake and play.
Enjoy your day and hope your not procrastinating like me.