The Bomb

When something drops into your life that seems to threaten your future, remember this: The first shock waves of the bomb are not sin. The real danger is yielding to them. Giving in. Putting up no spiritual fight. And the root of that surrender is unbelief — a failure to fight for faith in future grace. A failure to cherish all that God promises to be for us in Jesus.
Jesus shows us another way. Not painless, and not passive. Follow him. Find your trusted spiritual friends. Open your soul to them. Ask them to watch with you and pray. Pour out your soul to the Father. Rest in the sovereign wisdom of God. And fix your eyes on the joy set before you in the precious and magnificent promises of God.

Sweet and Bitter

Where are you flying today? It is well and truly winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. The days are getting shorter, the air cooler, the nights freezing. As my little one says,” Mummy I am making smoke with my mouth!” Well steam at least. In spite of the lovely markers of the changing seasons it is easy to feel blue and downcast. Heavy hearted that the weather has again transported you to the blues. Don’t fear blue bird. Allow yourself to fly……winter will soon become spring. A day will come when all pain and suffering and hardship and grief and tears will end. He holds the hope to a future of real joy!  

“Life is not a straight line leading from one blessing to the next and then finally to heaven. Life is a winding and troubled road. Switchback after switchback. And the point of biblical stories like Joseph and Job and Esther and Ruth is to help us feel in our bones (not just know in our heads) that God is for us in all these strange turns. God is not just showing up after the trouble and cleaning it up. He is plotting the course and managing the troubles with far-reaching purposes for our good and for the glory of Jesus Christ.” 

― John PiperA Sweet and Bitter Providence: Sex, Race, and the Sovereignty of God