Helping Hands

I have pondered and debated and discussed kid’s chores and parenting issues here before. We have tried so many new schemes. We have five children ranging from mid teens down to kindergarten, so find age appropriate chores with matching motivation is a challenge. Our littlest people often observe their older siblings doing jobs they too would like to do, but often it is not possible for the little one to do it all. This chore chart is vintage cute and helpful too. I can see we are already doing some of these things. Our middle child cooked a complete two course meal for the family recently and the bigger kids are now doing their own laundry which is a big help. I am trying to find the really tricky things that burden daily life and develop ways for us to help each other. 7mouths2feed, we are a family of seven and there is so much to do. But there must be ways to work smart and be effective. What works for you? How do you motivate your children to contribute to family life?