Be inspired….this is a pencil drawing. Amazing.
If you have time and energy to find ideas worth sharing, then you’ve got time and energy to bring ideas of your own to life.  Bernadette Jiwa
So….I figure a lot of what I do here is sharing ideas, encouraging others to use, create, reflect. Well at least I hope that is how you respond to the blogposts. So maybe I need to be bringing some of these ideas to life! What should I do? How should I use the next season of my life to do something I am really passionate about? Now this is a question that flaws be on a grey day. How about you? What are you hoping to do?

Holiday Mode

Natalie Bloom’s desk via The Design Files

I am desperate for a break….from all kinds of responsibilities and needs and requests.

It is school holidays here and I guess we all have a break from the normal routine.

So I have been thinking about family life, work, gift and talents and how I should be spending my time.  Do you ever have time for such work? Imagining the next big project, my best use of time. I have 2 and a half more years before my youngest is at school full time. So how will I use those short years?

It is strange but all I want to do is organise my desk. Do you have days like this?