Know Yourself

A picture tells a thousand words. Is she afraid? Shy? Is she being coy or teasing someone? Is she overwhelmed? Is she laughing uncontrollably behind that piece of paper?

I like the idea that everyday our body, our self tells a thousand different stories about our life, our dreams, disappointments and joys. The lines on our face, the colour of our hair, our posture, smile, how we present, our posture and our voice all betray us with unspoken ‘words’.

When we are stressed our body tells that story in our stance, our arms, our facial expressions. If we are angry our voice, our brow, our hands motion to tell of intense disappointment. In moments of pleasure and happiness our body is open, arms wide, we smile with our eyes and our voice is light. Consider what story, what words your body is telling the world today? How does the pain of the last year still seem so present? Perhaps the anxiety of the next few days or weeks is denying you of sleep and you look exhausted. Be honest. Know yourself and the story that you tell today – the one without so many words.