So Much to Tell You….

So this is me back from a long break from blogging.

Did I stop writing?


Did I have head space for blogging my thoughts?

Sometimes. But I was committed to other blogging and writing pursuits that somehow got in the way.

Why are am I blogging again?

I am carving out me time and believe it or not, the blog is a segue to relaxation. Blogging helps me feel productive and that I have achieved something. I enjoy sharing ideas, encouraging and challenging others on their journey.

Will the blog look different?

Honestly, I am not sure. Blogging is an organic process. I don’t have a blogging schedule and a social media consultant and a book deal. So I don’t have external pressures and deadlines to meet. I know some of you enjoy reading my ramblings. I invite you to comment and dialogue with me, partner with me as we do life together. With partners and kids and expectations and ambitions.

Actually I have so much to tell you……subscribe to the blog now.
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