Pinksnowflakes is a very special endeavour that is the ‘baby’ of my very talented sister in law Laura. She is a wife of one, mother of two gorgeous kids and there is alway so much inspiration and fun in their home. Pinksnowflakes is one of her many creative outlets. We have had this interview in progress for quite sometime. Enjoy meeting her and seeing more of her work here.

What is pinksnowflakes?
Pinksnowflakes is my creative endeavor, something that keeps me vital as a stay at home mum. It is a (very) small business that is a creative outlet for me to produce one of a kind soft toys, and other fun things for children and often adults too.
How long have you been designing and creating?
Pinksnowflakes started quite a few years ago. My first toy was a handmade gift for a friend’s baby. They had been trying for a really long time and I had wanted to make something special to celebrate with them. I got a sewing machine many moons ago for my 21st so I dusted it off and my husband re taught me how to thread a bobbin and off I went. If I looked at that toy today I would probably be horrified at the craftsmanship but it got me started on this softie express! I can thankfully say I have honed my skills in the last 6 years.
What mediums have your worked with in the past? 

I have a degree in Fine Arts and majored in Drawing and Printmaking. The latter is still a major passion for me but it is not as easy to fit into family life as sewing. I am still drawn in by the smells of a print studio and look forward to some print fun in the future.
Where do you find inspiration?

 I am inspired in so many different areas of my life. Obviously the internet and the craft boom are huge, and there is always a fun tutorial or ten that I have tucked away in my to do list. I make a lot of creatures so I am constantly inspired by real life animals. You only have to see one doco on sea life to know what a truly bizarre natural world is out there. I also find my kids inspiring, I have made quite a few toys as requests, and let them choose the colour and shape and just be led along by their creative instincts. I have a pink fluffy bunny in the pipelines that my three year old has designed and picked out the fabric for.
What is the best thing about having your own brand for your creative endeavours?

If you have a consistent look I think it is good that people can identify your work from the masses. I feel privileged when someone chooses to purchase something from me so I guess it is that idea that I alone have created and designed something that will be cherished in someone else’s family.
How do you sell and market you lovely treasures?

I am involved in a number of design and craft markets when time permits. I am usually busy with a custom request at any given time and am always making something for family or friends. Many people have checked me out via word of mouth or facebook. It is small and handmade and full of love. I am hoping for it to stay that way for now.
Can we find you online? which is being overhauled but will hopefully be brimming with fun soon enough. I am also on facebook and happy to receive any requests that way.
What is your next Big dream?

I would like to pursue some creative endeavors with my husband. We have oodles of ideas so I think in 2012 we should make it happen.