Food Facts and Fiction

Samantha Prendergast writes about her experience the “Time I didn’t eat” in Frankie (Vol 48). It is a personal piece, honest and alarming. It has got me thinking again about food. I probably think way too much about food – my own consumption, my kids and their health, preparing food for our table, buying food at the market, finding new inspiration and ways to be creative with food. But then there are food allergies and intolerances, wacky diets, limitations and detoxes, political and social conscious eating, not eating, over eating and food as our comfort and our idol.

Our families play a large role in shaping our attitudes towards food. So this week may be a week of reflections about food and hopefully yours too. Food is an amazing God given gift to be shared ad enjoyed isn’t it. But like any good gift, we usually mess it up. Any ideas how we do that? Love to hear your experiences